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Paternity establishes legal rights for both children and fathers. In regard to children, paternity creates certain financial and legal obligations that involve child support, health care coverage, and inheritance rights. In regard to fathers, paternity allows them to establish visitation rights and challenge the adoption of their child.

At the law office of Kenneth D. Morse, we represent both mothers interested in collecting child support and fathers interested in establishing their parental rights. We prepare all necessary paperwork in asking the court to order a DNA. Once paternity is established, Mr. Morse can assist clients in enforcement proceedings to collect child support or help fathers establish custody and visitation rights.

If you are interested in establishing the paternity of your child, contact family law attorney Kenneth D. Morse today and schedule an appointment to learn how we can help you.

Paternity, Child Support, and Other Benefits

Once paternity is established, mothers can petition the court to initiate child support payments and reimbursement for certain birth expenses. If a child is 2 years or older, the court will require a father to pay what he would have had he been making payments for the last two years. In addition to child support, the following benefits are also a function of paternity:

  • Inheritance rights
  • Access to a father's medical information and history
  • Rights to father's Social Security disability or death benefits
  • Coverage under father's health insurance plan
  • Dependency claims for tax purposes

The Rights of Fathers

Establishing paternity provides fathers with the following parental rights:

  • Visitation and time sharing
  • Custody rights in certain situations
  • The right to challenge an adoption

Getting the Paternity Test

If a putative father is unwilling to cooperate, Mr. Morse will prepare all necessary paperwork for a court order to take a DNA paternity test. Most tests involve taking a swab of the cheek while some involve drawing blood. Once the test is taken, results will be provided to the court.

If you have questions regarding paternity and what is involved, contact Orlando family law attorney Kenneth D. Morse today to schedule an appointment.


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