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Divorce Settlements

Florida Divorce Settlements

divorce settlements

Orlando and Heathrow Divorce and Property Settlement Attorney

Marital Settlement Attorney Kenneth D. Morse has been assisting his clients achieve settlements in family law cases in Orlando, Heathrow and throughout Central Florida through the divorce process for over 37 years.

It is possible to achieve a settlement of some or all issues even before a divorce is filed and the parties are forced to incur legal fees in litigating their differences. A Marital Settlement Agreement can be negotiated and signed even before the case is filed. Divorce in Florida can be a complex process requiring the expertise of an experienced Florida family law settlement lawyer to help you through Florida’s complex divorce process.

Florida is an equitable distribution state which means all marital assets and debts must be divided equitably between the divorcing parties. The law presumes an equal division. For most people, experiencing divorce is an emotionally charged and worrisome process. With his 37 years of litigation and settlement experience, Kenneth D. Morse can navigate you through complex divorce and divorce settlement matters with the attention to detail, always having your best interests in mind.

In Florida when a married couple divorces, and both parties can agree on how to split the assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage, a marital settlement agreement is prepared, which then must be filed and approved by the presiding Judge. It is very important to not enter into any kind of marital settlement or any agreement without the guidance of an experienced marital settlement attorney on your side focusing on what matters most to you.

divorce settlementsYou can meet with experienced Florida marital settlement attorney Kenneth D. Morse to discuss any issues you may be facing with divorce or other family law matters such as modification, relocation and enforcement of court orders, involving issues including to child custody, parenting plans, child visitation, child support, and paternity issues.

If you have questions about your divorce and want the advice of an experienced Florida divorce settlement attorney, contact Kenneth D. Morse today. Our firm represents families throughout Central Florida including Orlando, Windermere, Kissimmee, Celebration, Sanford, Lake Mary, Daytona Beach, Tavares, Clearwater, and Melbourne.

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