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High Net Worth Divorce

Orlando and Heathrow High Net worth Divorce Attorney

high net worth divorce

For over 37 years Orlando High Net worth Divorce Attorney Kenneth D. Morse has represented high net worth clients including celebrities through some of the most complex high net worth divorce proceedings in Florida. He works very closely with skilled and experienced forensic accountants, computer and digital forensic experts, vocational evaluators, psychologists and other high end professionals to accurately identify the truth and to help you achieve the legal results you desire.

One of the most difficult areas of the Florida divorce process is the division and valuation of marital assets. This is very common when couples own or acquire a business during their marriage or have business assets and or business debts that are shared including personal bank accounts, business bank accounts, retirement bank accounts, investments and other complex assets.

The state of Florida begins with the presumption of equal equitable distribution of marital assets. This includes any and all property accumulated during the marriage including a house, condo or other dwelling, automobiles, investments, business interests, real estate, bank accounts and any other property obtained during the course of marriage. One issue with high net worth divorces is that not all Florida family attorneys are experienced in handling a high net worth divorce. Many Florida family law attorneys are not experienced in examining tax returns, partnership and shareholder agreements, and financial documents.

Carefully identifying, valuing and separating all the assets and liabilities in a high net worth divorce is a complex task that requires a meticulous investigation, and specialized legal and business knowledge and extensive legal experience.

High Net worth Attorney Kenneth D. Morse has 37 years experience includes business and commercial real estate document preparation and litigation, coupled with a general litigation practice, which includes shareholder and partnership litigation. For the last 15 years, Ken Morse has been awarded the "AV" Preeminent Attorney rating by his peers.

If you’re net worth is at stake, contact Kenneth D. Morse for a private consultation.

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