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Divorce / Non-Community Property Information Center

Divorce Resource Links

Medline Plus: Divorce
National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health information on overcoming the stresses and conflicts of divorce.

Divorce Law: An Overview
An overview of divorce law from Cornell University Law School's Legal Information Institute.

IRS: Publication 504 - Divorced or Separated Individuals
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) help for separated or divorced tax filers who have questions about preparing their returns.

IRS: Topic 452 - Alimony Paid
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) document detailing tax treatment of alimony payments.

Family Law
Tables and summaries of family law matters such as child support and property division in each state.

Divorce Overseas
State Department information on the laws and processes pertaining to divorce overseas.

Fast Stats: Marriage and Divorce
National Center for Health Statistics state and federal data on marriage and divorce.

Teen Zone: Divorce
County library page for teens whose families are experiencing divorce, with book, video and Internet resources.

Dealing with Divorce (for kids)
WebMD article for children explaining why parents get divorced, that it's not the kids' fault and what custody is.

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